Rosemary Brown Award for Women, 2012 Recipient

This year the Award goes to Wilma Clarke, working in the office of the Representative for Children and Youth as Director of Advocacy, Aboriginal and Community Relations assigned to duties at Victoria, Burnaby and Prince George. She brings extensive experience to her current position – as social worker, manager of anti-racism programs, manager of education and communication for the Human Rights Commission and Director of Operation for three Centres – Safe Schools and Communities, non-Profit Development and Social Responsibilities.

This year’s recipient of the Rosemary Brown Award for Women, Wilma Clarke, was honoured in a ceremony at the University Women’s Club of Vancouver at Hycroft on June 7, 2012. From left to right in front row: Anna Terrana, Wilma Clarke, Cleta Brown, Patsy Brown. Back row: Russ Leskiw, Courtney Szto, Karen Truscott.

Her academic preparation, gained at Simon Fraser University to the M.A. level, focussed on multiculturalism, human rights, child welfare and social justice issues.

Possessing indefatigable energy, exceptional leadership qualities, dedication and courage, and establishing herself as a model in and for children’s rights make her an outstanding recipient of the Rosemary Brown Award for 2012.

Previous Recipients of the Award:
2005 – Barbara Binns, Women’s Rights
2006 – Valorie Franczek, Children’s Rights
2007 – Angela Schira, Women in Labour Movements
2008 – Margaret Mitchell, Women in Politics
2009 – Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign, Women in Human Rights
2010 – Jean Swanson, Social Justice and Community Development
2011 – Suzanne M. Taylor, International Development

What Is It:                                                                                                                                     The Award is presented as a memorial to the life and work of the late Honourable Rosemary Brown, a dedicated and inspiring worker for the equality of WOMEN everywhere and for equality and justice for ALL. Notably meritorious in her many undertakings she was well-known as a social worker, politician, an author, media personality, an academic, feminist – and was deeply loved by her family as a mother and grandmother. Each year the Award is presented to a woman or woman’s group who has made an
outstanding contribution to one of the seven theme areas championed by Rosemary Brown – listed above.

Who sponsors the Award?
The Award is sponsored by seven bodies: The BC Association of Social Workers, The BC Federation of Labour, the BC Human Rights Association, the National Congress of Black Women’s Foundation, the Society for Children and Youth of BC, the United Nations Association – Vancouver Branch and the University Women’s Club of Vancouver.

For more information about this award and this year’s recipient see the BC Human Rights Coalition.


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