Canada and the UN: Meeting our obligations, serving our interests

A Federal Conservative MP has suggested that Canada “review [it’s] participation in the United Nations” in response to criticism of Canada by United Nations agencies.

 Kathryn White, President and CEO of the United Nations Association in Canada, wrote a response to this stance cautioning Canadians to collectively be alert to this worrying trend.

 Rather than pulling out of the organization, Ms. White states, “Surely it behooves Canada to take a leadership role in improving the UN when we see challenges. It is useful to keep in context that about 95% of the work of the UN is feeding the hungry; meeting basic needs for the most oppressed and building the common good for a united seven billion inhabitants of this globe. The very mission of the UN that even the most jaded of observers might reflect upon: to build a better world; to leave no one behind; to stand for the poorest and the most vulnerable in the name of global peace and justice. The UN has never been more needed, and Canada’s contribution has never been more important.”

 Read her response in its entirety here.


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