On The Neutron Trail – Positioning Change and Global Nuclear Disarmament

Olivia Fermi : On The Neutron Trail – Positioning Change and Global
Nuclear Disarmament
Presented Thursday, January 19th, 2012 at the Italian Cultural Institute
in Vancouver

Olivia Fermi brings to our attention a fascinating array of anecdotes
which make the history of the nuclear disarmament movement  come alive.
The presentation reflects Ms. Fermi’s research into the legacy of her
grandfather, Enrico Fermi, one of the greatest physicists of the 20th
Century and a father of the atomic bomb.

A successful photographer, process facilitator and now speaker in her
own right, it remains fitting for Ms. Fermi to present the story which
begins with her grandfather’s part in the discovery of nuclear fission,
the process by which nuclear energy is released. Enrico Fermi worked
directly under Robert Oppenheimer in the infamous and secret Manhattan
Project which created the first atomic bomb. Though her grandfather died
in 1955, the nuclear disarmament movement and the nuclear arms race was
just getting going.

Olivia Fermi and audience at recent UNA-Vancouver Public Lecture

 Scientists and some politicians were the first to begin to educate the
public on the dangers of nuclear warfare, that an atomic bomb can end
life on earth; the public was quick to realize that protest was one way
to influence government military policy and make change. Continue reading