unacto1For those of you who missed Graham Riches Splane lecture on Social Policy entitled, Confronting First World Hunger: Food Charity or the Right to Food? or  Wasted Food for Surplus People?, a  copy is available here: SPLANELecture2014 FirstWorldHunger

He outlines more details as well in his book:  Riches, G and T. Silvasti, eds (2014) First World Hunger Revisited: Food Charity or the Right to Food? Palgrave Macmillan

Dr Riches spoke about the role of food banks in an increasingly privatized world and asked how we can shift the discussion from one of charity to one of public policy. Riches argues that we have too often confused the problem of food insecurity as an issue stemming from a lack of food, when in fact it is an issue based in a lack of sustainable income. He suggested that while food banks may seem like the only practical option for civil society, citizens should also tweet or write a letter to the government every time one donates to the local food bank. The statement is a simple one: “I’ve done my part, now you do yours.”