New volunteer position with UNA-Canada

unacto11.jpgThe United Nations of Canada is currently recruiting for a volunteer regional coordinator of an innovative project titled Canada Up-close & Personal that motivates and prepares Canadian youth to investigate Canada’s history through research, experiential learning, and empathy-based activities.

Canada Up-close & Personal will focus on three key anniversaries:

a) End of Second World War;
b) 70thAnniversary of the United Nations; and
c) Centennial of Women’s Suffrage in Canada (1916).

UNA-Canada will work with a cross-section of partners in the three regions, including high schools, non-formal youth-serving agencies, community groups and its regional Branches to increase youth interaction and knowledge sharing, and to instill a sense of belonging and pride in their Canadian heritage.

For more information on the position, please see here: Regional Coordinators – bilingual ad

If you are Ottawa based, you can also apply for the Project Officer position: Volunteer Project Officer – bilingual ad


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